What is this website?

This homepage offers practical information for becoming a Shikoku pilgrim with a focus on walking pilgrims. This site is a place of information created as a free service to all people such as those planning the pilgrimage, those who want to share pilgrimfs experiences and for others who have an interest in the Shikoku pilgrimage.

It is clear that the Shikoku pilgrimage has a strong connection with the faith in Kobo Daishi (or Kukai), however, this site is not a religious site. This unique "path" includes Buddhists who have a strong faith in the Shikoku pilgrimage, young people who have no religious affiliation and to those of other faiths. No matter what type of motive is attached to the pilgrimage i.e. for solitude, to find oneself, or ascetic training, it is difficult to express just how appealing it is to people.

How to explore through Kikusui Henro House?

First of all, for those interested in finding out what the Shikoku pilgrimage is and why those who decide to proceed on this journey of more than 1,000km and talk about it with so much enthusiasm, look at "Introduction to Shikoku Henro".

Next, please read of my experiences as a Shikoku Pilgrim in "First Walking Pilgrim".

If you want to know about other people's experiences, look at "Links - Walking Pilgrims". Here one can see the diaries and travel accounts of over 100 people. In the section entitled "Books and CDs", there are numerous essays, reports and books listed. (only in Japanese)

The sections entitled, "FAQ" and "Pilgrim Encyclopedia" can answer most of your questions. As well, in the "Let's Talk"section, one can see those who have actually experienced the pilgrimage and who perhaps can offer a more detailed answer to your questions. As well, you can read the impressions of the pilgrimage from those who have just finished. For those preparing to walk the pilgrimage, the guidebook published by the Shikoku Pilgrim Path Preservation Cooperative Association will prove to be most convenient. Please look at this page and order the book.

In November 2003, I published a book entitled Shikoku Henro no Hajimekata in which I include a lot of the information contained in this website.

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Most pages linked above without are written in Japanese. English pages are based on the translation by David C. Moreton.

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